The Fixed Point (Superhero Black Hole, part 50)

We sat ourselves down by my desk, where I cleared a space in the middle of the clutter for us to put our drinks.

“Can you please continue filling me in on this Ambidextra business? The suspense is killing me,” she said.

I took a couple of gulps of my water, and breathed in and out a bit to steady myself.

“Alright. Um…my Multiples helped me to go back enough in Time to avoid her, and then I spent years and years and years travelling through time and the world, seeing history happen before my eyes and keeping out of trouble. Finally, I surpassed this Present and came to the year that Letrodacta was born.”

“That being the fixed point, I presume?”

“Bingo. So, I got a job as a nurse in the hospital where she was to be born. I waited until after she was out of her mother and in the ICU. I stood above her little baby form, knowing full well she’d turn into the bitch queen of the Universe. But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t fathom what the consequences of this might be for me and the entire world. So I ran.”

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