Collective Gasp

Fetus snapped the panel back into place in the rear of the droid. “Phase one complete,” she announced while returning her earrings and picking up her gun.

Daemon zipped the suit, two of the lackeys caressing his pecs until Hard Drive growled. The girls backed off, pouting. The guard’s radio buzzed “..sector two three zero do you read?” The guard gave a muffled cry, his mouth gagged by a pink leopard print hankie.

“What do I do?” Daemon stared wide-eyed at Acrylic.

“Answer them. Your droid needed a hard reboot, but is functioning now.”

“Uh, this is two three zero, yeah, the droid needed a hard reboot, but uh, everything’s fine now.” Everyone held their breath for the response.

“…Copy that.”

The droid suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree and moved back into its position by the door.

“You got that, Fetus?” Elsha whispered, eyes fixed on the metallic menace, knowing it had a weapon somewhere, if not several. Fetus moved a control in her palm. The droid waved an antennae.

The room let out its breath.

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