The Will of the Creator

“How many times?” I asked. When there was no answer I screamed, “How many times?!

I stared miserably at the scene ahead of us. It was of me and Sid. For the hundredth time now. Each time I always chose to stay. He shrugged. “How many stars in the sky? The grains of sand on a thousand worlds?” He looked at me. “Sometimes numbers just fall apart in the sheer attempt of definition.”

“You have the patience of an angel.”

“I am but the will of my Creator.” I saw his eyes were ringed with exhaustion. “Are you ready to go home?”

“Isn’t home where the heart is?”

“It is.” Sid smiled.“Where is your heart at?”

I sighed. “I’m ready.”

“Good.” Sid extended a hand. “The Manor awaits its Lord.”

I took his hand. Memories the size of a million eternally propagating multiverses came crashing in like a vicious tide, and instead of receding, became relentless. I was on the infinity kick again.

“Thank you, Sid.” I grinned. “I guess the end of my vacation’s just the beginning of yours!”

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