The Cheshire Cat (Part III)

The woman laughed and stuck out a slender hand. I found it to be surprisingly firm.

“I’m Carmen, an international and temporal thief.” Her smile was dazzling. “With this baby here I guess I’ll have to add multi-dimensional to the list.”

Her laugh was so full and hearty I was compelled to join in. Her, a thief? Ha ha. A secretary late to work, more likely. I liked her. She had a fine sense of humor. Carmen stroked the wall and I was astonished to see purple fur sprouting wherever she touched.

“What floor was it you wanted?” she asked. “You can try again. I think Cheshire’s done playing for the moment,aren’t you?” The purring intensified.

I swallowed the knot in my throat and made to stab the button before Cheshire changed its mind but the doors slid open to admit a nervous youth.

The kid twitched. A bag filled with a leafy substance fell to the floor. Carmen went to her knees.

“Catnip.” Carmen looked up at me. “I believe we’re in a world of trouble now.”

I instantly regretted waking up this morning.

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