Birthday Party

You always find yourself amidst conflict when you least expect it. Just when I was having the time of my life is when I found myself spinning in the dark, blindfolded. Eventually, the spinning stopped.

I stood, dazed, with my weapon in hand, regaining my balance. I slowly pushed my empty hand in front of me, feeling around in the darkness. It touched something – a beast. It felt dry, with paper-thin scales all over. My hand felt a creature with massive wings and claws, suspended in the air.

Without hesitation, I swung my club at the fiend. First swing – nothing. Second swing – nothing. The third made contact, and the creature crunched. Cheering erupted around me! I struck the beast again, hearing his insides drop all across the ground! After the next blow, I heard the thud of my enemy hitting the ground.

With a wide grin on my face, I ripped off my blindfold and watched as children clustered around the piƱata, snatching all the candy they could.

Smiling, I replaced my blindfold and began swinging again.

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