They stared at each other for a time. Kerwin didn’t know what to say to the strange sight in front of him and the naked girl stood there oblivious to cold and propriety.

“Would you like to share m’fire?” Kerwin asked.

The little girl shook her head quickly like a horse chasing away flies.

There was something different about her. Her eyes were too big and her mouth too small. When she gestured for him to come closer, Kerwin noticed that her hands only had three fingers instead of four.

“You haven’t seen a boy around here, about fourteen, dark hair, dark eyes, answers to the name Farley.” Kerwin asked.

She nodded and giggled and rubbed her stomach.

“Oh good. Can you show me where he is?”

The little girl opened her tiny mouth wide, wider than he would have thought possible, revealing large flat teeth that should have been impossible to hide in her tiny mouth. All were stained pink.

He was so intent on her gaping maw that he didn’t notice the half a dozen other girls behind him, each one looking the same.

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