Stuck Inside, Outside

A brisk wind had sailed in from the sea. The tourists had all gone back to their hotels and timeshares and the beach was empty, save for me. I sat on the sand as it blew around my legs in the rising gales. At times it stung my eyes, but not as much you stung my heart.

I knew you wouldn’t show up. Even the wind blown bouquet in my lap laughed at me for thinking you cared about anyone other than yourself. Pitiful. That’s how the carnations looked as the sand whipped them about. They were just like me.

When the rain began, big fat drops, I didn’t care. It washed the tears off my cheeks and blurred everything into dull gray. Dull like my heart had grown.

Yellow lights flashed ahead, stopped beside me, and a man’s voice called. Still, I could not move. I had nowhere else to go. I wanted to go back to you and you had clearly dismissed me. Here in the rain and confusion I wondered if I had done this to us.

Who was I without you? How could I do it on my own?

I found myself over a strong shoulder, taken away.

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