Should Have Worn Pants

Cree stood in her new green pea coat, dancing from foot to foot in the brisk breeze. Tiny snowflakes swirled above her head, but melted before they reached the ground. She anxiously glanced in the faces of the couples and groups hurrying from their cars into the theater. She hadn’t checked with Mother Nature before choosing to wear her favorite dress under her coat.

It was all planned out. When Greg arrived, she’d give him a rehearsed speech about how if she loved him she had to let him go see his family in Denmark, and when he was ready to say his farewells, she’d spring her passport on him. He’d be so happy she could go with him, he’d be speechless. They’d kiss, go out to eat..

Spying his rusty truck pulling up at last, she fought the urge to run to meet him. Greg trudged to her, hands deep in his pockets.

“What’s all this about? I told you I had to leave; can’t we just shake hands and go our separate ways?”

Cree blinked at him in shock. “I..” tears tingled in her nose. “Nevermind!”

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