Planned to be Disasterous.

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way, we had done this numerous times before.
The life that I finally grown comfortable with was plummeting to the ground; to it’s death. Nothing was ever going to be the same, we had already begun the process of metamorphosis. Fear paralyzed me, we had a minute left to see the results. I was expecting the worst. Thirty seconds turns to centuries.
Ten seconds.

A pink cross emerges before my eyes.
My heart shatters. I dropped myself off the cliff of sanity, and collapsed on the floor.

“What do we do?”
“What choices do we have?”
“We can always take care of this.”

I imagined myself sitting in a chair, waiting for my named to be called to proceed with my decisions. It was a awful thought to behold, but so was being a mother.
“I don’t know if I can do it.”
“You’re not alone, I will support you with whatever you choose.” His voice was shaky but I could feel his certainty.
I sighed and picked up the phone, hands shaking. “Hello, is this planned parenthood?”

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