The Truth of Eddie, Or A Logical Look At A Vampire

She awoke to utter darkness, the stench of decay causing her to gag and would have her vomit if she had anything left in her stomach. She tried to remember how she got there, the cold floor and manacles on her hands giving her no clues.

“Aren’t you going to cry out or something?”

She recognised the voice. A man from her university night class who always seemed so charming and sweet to everyone. Why would he keep her here?

“No voice left? Ah well. It’s a little less fun when you don’t scream. Makes the blood that much more enticing”

She still couldn’t see him, and trying to pinpoint his voice while thirsty, hungry, and in pain was extremely hard.

“Lets see then shall we. You’re stuck in a vampire’s basement, with no possible means of escape, and he’s going to feed on you and kill you. How about you get your voice back and we talk for a moment”

She managed a whisper, one single word in which her almost broken mind hoped to find answers.


He smiled, chuckling.

“Because it’s who I am”

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