The Impartial Governor

A supernova murdered a star several million years before the event was seen from Earth. As it happened, Homo habilis gazed at the host above but saw nothing different.

A particle at the center of the late star had been morphed and stretched, its interior ribbons vibrating with thunderous energy, but it drew itself back within its material boundaries and hurtled outward into the vacuum through parsecs of space.

Eventually it collided with other particles to ricochet and pirouette to and fro. Galaxies hummed and groaned and shifted.

In time, the particle felt fire scream around it, but it did not change. It shot down until suddenly being born aloft by…newness. Water surrounded it, consumed it, lifted it higher. If felt itself join with others like it. As soon as the particle felt its new kinship, touched more water, the earth cloud reached its cusp and let its children fall.

They gathered, the particle and its water brothers, under the wheel of Olaf Kildjsenn’s car and sent it gliding off the road.

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