My New Found Love

Blogging is a new found passion for me. Its something new and ineteresting. I remember taking the leap of begining my blog. For so long I sat down with an empty word document. Knowing that blogging was such a good way to get recognised. I had even been told that you can make money blogging! And yet as I sat down to write, my mind always went numb.


True inspiration hit. I went on the biggest adventure of my life, a trip to New York City. I was bursting to tell the world about my experience. And the answer?! BLOGGING.

Overwhelmed with excitement about getting stuck in I set up a blog. It seemed like a sign that the title ‘creativecatherine’ was free, it was so perfect.

And so, from then on I started blogging. I havent had many views, but I get a couple more everyday. I’ve found I enjoy publically ranting about things. I like commenting, on goings on. And spreading awareness for things that matter.

So here goes, and I appoligise that its all a bit rough…

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