The Days are Getting Shorter

It’s getting colder.

This morning I needed headlights, not sunglasses, to drive to school. My sweatshirt stayed on the whole day. My arms and legs had goosebumps, my hair became frizzy from the cold. I looked for sun to sit in, not shade.

I spent this summer driving with the windows down, singing to the radio with you. Finding new restaurants with you. Laying around in your waterbed, watching our favorite shows with you. Enjoying the sun and looking for a breeze, swimming or lazing around your house all day. Playing with lights, making smoke rings, trying new things, re-experiencing old ones. Long nights driving home from nowhere, you in the passenger seat. Things I’ve done before, and things I haven’t. All with you.

But that time is over now, the days are getting shorter. I’m cherishing those memories, but I’m ready for new ones too.

I’m ready for the cold. I’m ready for a whole new set of things I haven’t done, countless more days I haven’t lived. I’m ready to share them, experience them, with you.

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