اليوم الثامن (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 62)

It had been eight days since Zoe had manifested her ability to slow time to a crawl. There had been a breaking story on the news this morning about footprints found in 3.4-billion-year-old rock in Australia, complete with the brand name from the sole. I showed the pair of shoes I had worn at the time (I always keep my old shoes for whatever reason) to Zoe, who reacted with that semi-detached “Hm” she usually gives things like this.

We had gone to the bank to deposit our winnings from the lottery, the largest payout in state history. On the way we were mugged, but Zoe utilized her new ability to take the ammunition out of the assailant’s gun the second time around (she had let me get killed the first time, just for the lulz).

We arrived back at the apartment to find, much to our displeasure, the door broken in, and the apartment ransacked.

We quickly assessed the damages. It wasn’t good. Most of the stuff could have been replaced, but there was something very important missing.

The suitcase was gone.

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