اليوم الثامن، للمرة الثالثة (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 64)

We went back in time again, entrusting the suitcase to Mrs. MacPhearson next door, who promised not say a word of it to anyone. Given that she had taken a vow of silence several years prior, this was not anything she’d have had to go out of her way for.

This time, we went to the bank early and deposited the lottery check. We got back early and hid behind the door. I grabbed a weighty bookend shaped like a dolphin; Zoe, clearly meaning business, grabbed a cast-iron frying pan.

We’d intentionally left the door open a smidge this time, hoping the mystery intruder would take the bait. He did, and we knocked him out cold. Rifling through his pockets, we found a very many disturbing things—pictures and small dossiers of ourselves, futuristic IDs, small trinkets we assumed to be weapons…and also a can opener.

Knowing—_fearing_—that this thief from the future could reäwaken at any second, we quickly discussed our options. We arrived at a plan of action and, before he came to, we jumped back in time several weeks.

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