Shootout (Superhero Black Hole, part 68)

My first shot hit soil.

My second shot hit the side of the van.

But the third shot hit one of the sinister dudes in his right knee.
And this being a 44. Magnum, it pretty much exploded the guy’s kneecap and everything else knee-related about him.

As he fell to the ground, I started to pay attention to my aim and my next shot was aimed squarely at another sinister dude’s kneecap.

I pulled the trigger.

The guy’s knee disintegrated.

That’s when the other 5 sinister dudes with guns (with the exception of the one female of the group, who didn’t have a gun, but had eyes like phaser beams) pulled out their various firearms, and started shooting.

I retreated into the car’s carcass, and grabbed Zoe around the shoulders.

The bullets pinged and PTONG!ed against our car endlessly, like a lethal metal rainstorm.

I struggled to concentrate on getting us out of there.

But, using a trick I learned from a Buddhist monk I befriended two centuries ago, I tuned out the racket, took a deep breath…and we were gone.

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