Contingencies [A] (Superhero Black Hole, part 70)

We were now sat inside the tent, and – flimsy as it was – it was still better than getting caught in that weather.



“Not that I’m ungrateful or anything…” she began tentatively.


“But…how is that we’re sitting in a tent in the middle of some woods in the middle of nowhere?”

“You’re wondering how I knew this tent was here?”

“Yes. Agonisingly so.”

I blew into my hands and rubbed them together, attempting to feign warmth.

“Well, I put this tent here.”

“Yes, Admiral Obvious, I got that! But when and how and—”

“Right, right, let me explain. A few days ago, I drove along the route we were going to take, and I planted 15 of these tents in the woods around T-junctions and bends in the road.”

“So, you knew that this attack was going to happen?”

“I had a hunch.”

A look of dawning horror spread across her face.

“SHIT! What about the suitcase with the antidote?! It was in the trunk! Did you get it?”


“Oh, we’re royally fucked now.”

“Actually…no, we’re not.”

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