All-Weather Girl

“No, not “never mind”, tell me what you want. Hurry up, I’m freezing."

Cree learned long ago, when someone hurts you, don’t show it. And if you have to talk to them, stare at that space between their eyes. She wanted to tell him how she had her passport ready, how she could change. She was prepared to take the blame. She would accept responsibility for everything he found wrong with her.

She searched that place again, looking for his reason. It was there, hidden in his irritated furrows.

She’d discovered that space between his hazel eyes as he told her of the call from his mother begging him to come home to Copenhagen.

She got lost in there again when he took her virginity. That was ten days ago, after he told her he had finally picked up his tickets from the travel agency.

And now that space was her foreign land-


“S-s-s-orry, I was just-

“Daydreaming again. I’m f-f-reezing, can I have my coat back?”

Snowflakes chasing the hem of her new coat, Cree ran fast down a silent alley to somewhere.

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