The Author Experiences Stupidity (Superhero Black Hole, part 76)

Now, Dear Reader, you may have noticed this fact earlier on in our story. However, when I actually met her in the flesh for the first time, one of the critical facts she told me about herself slipped right by me. I don’t know why I missed out this fact – and it is clear now (Zoe makes sure of that, believe me) – but I did. So please, don’t judge me for not having noticed it before.

Continuing on:

You can travel through space, too?”

She gave me one of her looks that we’re all so accustomed to by now.

“You mean through geographical space, not, like, Outer Space?”


“Well…yeah. I did tell you I could.”


“At the coffee shop, thirteen years ago. It was practically the first thing I told you.”

“OK, run it by me again.”

She sighed exasperatedly. “I said: I was running away from the dust on 9/11, I thought of a beach I once was at, and then I was there in 1999, on that beach, and not in New York.”
She paused to rap her knuckles on my forehead. “Remember now?”

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