“What are you going to do with me?” Thom said, practically on the verge of punching this man in the jaw and wetting his pants.
You will see in time, but until then. A bottle of liquid pulled out of his pocket, big enough to hide a shotgun. The writing on the side recited Chloroform.
“Why do you need that? I’ve done everything you’ve wanted me to do.” Panic was bubbling under his skin. The fight or flight reaction was going off in his stomach like a bomb, or maybe that’s his gag reflex.
I just need to know that you will fully comply to my demands. Don’t worry kid, this won’t hurt you, just take a couple deep breaths.
The cloth was approaching his mouth slowly.
And at that moment, chemistry and bio classes came to mind. He could nearly picture Emma and her freckles next to him in class. Holding hands under the table secretly. “If I can see her, one last—”
Everything turned fuzzy around his eyes, and he began to sleep in a mere few seconds. The poison did it’s magic.
See, told you it wouldn’t hurt.

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