And We're Live on the Scene with the Dead

“Isn’t this against the law?” Laney fired off another argument to get me to give up my mission, but she refused to leave me alone out here.

“We’ll just set up over here by the fence.” I lugged my gear atop the low stone wall that had seen better days. A stone slipped as I hefted the laptop case atop it.

“This place gives me the willies.” Laney hugged herself as I adjusted the camera’s angle.

“Look, do you want the scoop or not? This cemetery is full of civil war casualties that have a significantly higher rate of appearance than any other type of ghost. And this is Halloween night! They are sure to rise.” I belted Laney into some night vision gear and began testing various other sensory equipment.

“I’m not scared of ghosts. Bats, on the other hand..”

“Bats don’t bite. Besides, they can hear you from a mile away. Be quiet or someone will call the cops.”

“Shh! What was that?”

I checked the equipment. Laney’s eyes scanned the graves, microphone in hand. I panned the camera away from her.


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