Forward to Eternity

Whether due to the darkness or his self delusion as to his level of control he didn’t see the first blow coming, a wild swing that connected with his left knee. The shock of pain and disallusionment prevented him from anticipating the next strike, a wicked upswing of lead to his chin. Though he blocked the next hit, the pipe broke his wrist in the process. Two or three more blows to the head registered, but after that unconsciousness won out over self preservation.

Some time later, weary from exersion, Sarah allowed the makeshift weapon to fall from her grasp. She staggered, covered in sweat and blood, towards the stairs. All manner of thumps, bumps, and squishing sounds echoes through her mind.

She found this comforting.

At the base of the steps, she turned back and recited in careful meter, “Und hinter im wesenlosem Scheine…Lag, was uns alle bändigt, das Gemeine.”

Each step upwards took her closer to freedom, her future.

Each step put him further from her mind, forgotten in a damp hell.

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