Mr. Calloway's Cats

Mr. Calloway had seven cats. The cats were all older and slept all day, much like their owner. Being a cat lover, and noticing one of them meowing in the hall, Carly approached his apartment and knocked. No answer. After a couple minutes, her cell phone rang.

“Hello?” Meow
“Hey Carly it’s me. I was hoping we were still on for tonight?”
Meow “Yeah sure, of course.”
“Is that a cat?”
“It’s the neighbor’s and I’m trying to get him to open the door. He must be asleep without his hearing aids in.” Knock Knock. Meowrr
“That cat sounds pissed.”
“It’s hungry.” Meeerrooww
“Try the knob.”
“Are you nuts? People just don’t.. oh.”

“Someone call 911!”
“Carly, what is it?”
“I think he’s dead. Ugh, oh gosh, yes, ew.”
“Get out of there, alright?”
“What?! What is it?!”
“The cats are..” gagging “Oh, Braxton, get me out of here!”
“I’m coming, you go back to the hall! Get out of there!”
“The cats! Help!” click

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