If It Weren't For the Retinal Scan..

Daemon stepped through the doorway, now wearing the jumpsuit of a MegaCorp foot soldier. Fetus moved the droid into position. A scanner bot electronically frisked them, standard procedure for the changing of the guard, beginning at the toes. It reached Daemon’s eyes and prepared a retinal scan. He winced, unsure what to do. Fetus shot it with the droid. The explosion wasn’t large, but it was enough to alert security.

“Move, Move, Move!” barked Acrylic. Racing up the hall, they careened through a set of double doors into a shipping area. Concrete and wide open spaces with metal girders that would ricochet any potshots. Guards and workers turned in shock. The underground team were not the best shots, but they covered their escape flight to the main stairwell.

It was every man for himself on the 3 flight sprint up to the lobby. “2 at a time, remember?” Acrylic gestured for the lackeys to go first. It was their job to distract the desk clerks, and open the executive elevator.

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