Retracing Your Steps.

“Dear! If you don’t hurry up and get your shoes tied, we’ll never see Maggie blowing out her candles! Hurry!” Penny shouted to her husband, proceeding to the car.
He strung the remaining loop through and pulled tightly.
He went outside and got in the passenger’s seat next to his wife.
“Did you remember to close the door?” She started up the engine and buckled her seatbelt. She was always alert about safety and security.
Richard couldn’t recall closing the door, he forgot again. “No, it slipped my mind. Don’t you move a muscle dearest, I’ll get it for you.” He made his way back to the door and closed it tightly. He walked back and stepped lightly back up in the car. “Where are we going?”
She looked at him if he were half insane. “Maggie’s 10th birthday? The traditional family get together?”
He only nodded.
She drove, and 15 minutes later, they arrived. They entered the house and were swarmed by a mass of bodies.
Richard looked around face to face, clutching Penny’s hand, frightened.
Who are these strangers?

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