What Happened in the Tunnel?

One. Two. Three. Four. Four times. Enough.

He dropped the rock and it hit the ground with a thud. The noise echoed down the tunnel, amplifying slowly as it traveled. But he was the only one who heard it. He was, after all, the only person in the area.

He wiped his mouth, his labored breathing leaving small clouds in the air around him. It was damp in the tunnel. He scooted out slowly, crawling on his hands and knees back to the exit, away from the scene he had just created.

He reached the end of the tunnel and stood, looking over the edge. The drop-off from the tunnel to the creek below was only two feet, but the creek was filled with gray water. He looked out over the tunnel, seeing the slope of rock, the large bridge that spanned the creek and hid the tunnel from the sight of The Other Man. He didn’t have time. The Other Man was surely here by now.

He doubled over, coughing into his hand. His palm was bloody, throat raw from coughing so much. Add that to his list of symptoms.

Time’s up. Jump.

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