The New Universe Order

Every planet has a specific purpose.

Asop-5 is a residential planet. If any citizen not assigned labour there tries working whilst on the planet, they would be fined so many credits their bank accounts would be sore.

To work, you have to go to a planet like Argon-3, the office planet. For vacations, the holiday planet, Reese-9. For exercise, the gym planet, Schwarzenegger-3. The Hobson drive, granting instant travel, means that hundreds of planets act as one.

Joyce straightened up from his hand-held planter and wiped his brow. Planting trees was a good job, and so was cutting them down. He turned to his colleague.

“You know, I wouldn’t mind living here.”
The man standing across from him paused briefly, then looked around to see if anyone could have heard.
“What, on Arbor-4? Are you crazy? This is the lumber planet. You can’t live here.”
“Who would ever know? Build a wood cabin somewhere in the forest, get food delivered. Perfect.”
As the man turned and walked away out of fear, Joyce sighed.

One day.

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