Speak Now.

“I just don’t understand you! Why are you like this?”
They don’t need me.
“I’ve told you time and time again! How hard can it be for you to understand something so simple?”
What’s the point of my existence anymore?
“Are you listening to anything I’m saying?!”
Hm, existence, what an interesting concept to think about.
“This is your problem! You don’t get anything through that brain of yours!”
I wonder what it would feel like if I could extract the life out of myself?
“I’m so sick of this attitude of yours! Do you even care anymore?!”
Could I actually do that to myself?
“You know what? I’m done with you, I’m this close!”
Yeah, I could.
“You can find somewhere else to live!”
I’m sure my Dad has some rope in the basement.
“You better get a good job honey because I’m not helping you!”
Where did I put that stool?
“Good luck without me! You’ll never make it!”
Will it hurt?
“Once you fail, you’ll come crawling to me!”
Is this really what I want?

“I don’t care anymore!”
I don’t care anymore.

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