Mechaniman and the Curse of the Expired License

Mechaniman swung his arm cannons around and locked Lord Disturbius into his sights. The villain raised his hands and they began to glow with an unholy light, but he was too late. Mechaniman had him. Inside the suit, his fingers squeezed the triggers.

Nothing happened.

A moment later a soothing male voice piped over his internal speakers:

“You have been using the trial version of DesTech’s biosuit firmware for 173 days. Would you like to upgrade to the full version?”

“Oh, you son of a…” The light around Lord Disturbius’ hands was getting very bright now. “Look, I can’t afford the full version, I mean there’s a recession on and…”

“I’m sorry, could you repeat your…”


“Your primary weapons will be unlocked in 60 seconds. Please consider upgrading and thank you for using this DesTech product.”

A timer on Mechaniman’s HUD began counting down. You know, he thought as Lord Disturbius’ spell hurtled towards him, maybe I should borrow some money from my parents.

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