Unexpected is Expected.

Thom almost wanted to lower the gun, but he remained firm. “Who the hell is us? Crazy kidnappers who make someone’s life a living hell for 12 hours? My parents didn’t work for you! You’re messing with me.”
The woman shook her head, “No Thom, we’re not. I know you don’t understand what’s going on, but it’s all part of the process.”
His mind was about to explode. He finally erupted,“What is going on?! I want to know the truth. RIGHT. NOW. I’ve been here for half of a day and you’ve told me nothing!”
Even with his screaming, she was calm as ever.
He waited for her response. Once again, she was taking her time telling him answers.
She took a deep breath. “We aren’t what you think we are. We are not crazy kidnappers, and you have to trust me on that. I’m not at liberty to tell you who we are until you start training.”
“I’ve taken my first test now, haven’t I?”
The woman shook off the guards, “Let’s just say, we protect the good, and get rid of the bad. The rest you will find out, and no, you don’t have a choice.”

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