He didn’t know if it was organic or mechanical. It made growling and hissing noises as it limped around the outside of his cage. It was wearing a brass mask that had red glow coming out of the eye holes. Or was it its face?
His prison was just a cage on a platform. The platform spun in a twisted void. He saw, through the bars of the cage, pieces of his world spinning. He was the only human left, but that was about to change.
He didn’t know what the monster would do to him. Suddenly, it whirled round, staring into his eyes. Geysers of steam came whistling out the sides of the mask. The mask rattled and shook, and fell to the floor. Its face resembled vaguely a human’s, just sewn together from several of them. The being had built its body from those of humans. The eyes, though, terrified him. They were holes in his head. He could see the blood, the brain, gears, withered organs and the other impossibly vast insides of its head.
The monster let out a screech and rushed towards the cage, and he knew nothing more.

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