Schizophrenic Statement of Frigid-ity

We apologise, in advance,
If we reserve the right to dance
Until such time as we can know
You’ll catch us if we boogie low.

And if events, unknown thus far,
To you, cause us to hit the bar
When limboing through daily days
Then please forgive our set-back ways

And be the arms that hold us high
We hope you know we’ll always try
To love you with our broken hearts
And try to hide the stunted starts.

We’re sorry, hope you understand,
For trying not to hold your hand.
We need to know, is all, you see,
That we can live still separately.

We wish to state: we’re cautious now
We’ve seen the hurt life can allow
And felt it too – so trust is hard
We never could let down our guard.

We inform you of your right to run
Away, now that we have begun
To show you damage that’s been done.
Hide from our rain
You love the sun.

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