Dylan's Mind

Why am I here? he thought as he kept punching trees. Have I always been here? Is this how I was born? No! Because I notice a distinct lack of other people! He stopped with the tree punching and sat down to build a workbench. There are also no signs of life at all! And I’m a fully grown adult! Am I an alien? he pondered. Possibly. Maybe I’m a recon android! That explains why I can punch down trees! He finished the workbench and started building a wooden pickaxe. But does this world obey reality? Wood floats even if I remove the wood under it. He finished the pick and wandered off to find some patch of ground to find. Maybe this is a fantasy world? But it can’t be! I notice a distinct lack of mermaids! He kept on like this while digging out a home. But maybe I’m the mermaid scout magicked into human form! That makes sense…But why wouldn’t I know it? Must’ve gotten bonked on the head.
He kept on working.
Oh, I don’t have a name, do I? I guess I’m…Dylan! He sat, thinking, in the hole’s corner.

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