La Toux Pratique (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 81)

Zoe uttered an expletive, as she is wont to do in situations like these. Had she not done it sotto voce this time, we might not exist as we do right now.

Our internal quaking in terror turned to inquisition when we heard a rather large and obnoxious cough from across the street in the other direction. Turning our gazes there, we saw an albino man—whom we had never seen before—who looked and sounded as if he were attempting to expel all his viscera out his mouth via a hacking fit. Adding to the surreal atmosphere, he began with no warning, and it sounded as if he were doing it on purpose.

Because of this event, our fears of paradox were now groundless; Other Us simply threw him a quick glance and continued on their—our—way into the building.

We both were deeply troubled by this occurrence and made to jump back from whence we came. As we were about to leave, however, one final disturbing development came to my attention.

I could’ve sworn the albino guy gave us a knowing look just before we vanished.

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