The Ruling Class

New Denver, and the Rocky Mountain Province, grew out of the leadership of the United States quarantined at NORAD; much of the new ruling class sharing their lineage with the presidential and senatorial families that ran the last, great democracy on earth.

In much the same way that Kings and Queens ruled the kingdoms of the Dark Ages, the new kingdoms of the earth were ruled over by Monarchies, and just as violence and conquest re-shaped the fuedal lands of Northern Europe, they were starting to reshape the provinces that grew out of the plague. Desperate for leadership, the survivors flocked to the protection and structure of the isolation camps.

Sids great, great grandparents were amongst the first to swear fealty to the Kindom of New Denver, with the promise of title and lands. However, in only three generations they had lost the lands to fuedal conflicts and the titles to indescretion and treachery. Now, Sid was little more than a serf, fighting to make a living at the fringes of desolation.

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