Constant Uncertainty.

“Very impressive, and sooner than we expected you Thom.” The woman spoke. “We have another task for you.”
“NO!” He screamed impulsively, “I did what you said, and I won’t put up with these games any longer! You tell me now. Why am I here?!”
The woman leaned towards the man, “Is it time?”
He took off his glasses, his eyes were a silver haze. He did not speak but managed a struggled nod.

The woman left his side and approached Thom. “You are not kidnapped, nor are we villains that you assume we are. Did we technically kidnap you? Yes, but with good reason. You were not safe.”
“What are you talking about? I live in a suburb, I have neighbors that will bake us cookies and give us candy on Halloween! This is absurd!”
“You are blind to what was in front of you. Your “parents”, Emma, friends, neighbors, you need to put them out of your head because it was all a lie."
“But why?”
“It’s a long story, but they were waiting for the right time.”
His fear and uncertainty doubled in size, “Waiting for what exactly?”

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