The March Home

Raziel gathered what was left of his massive clan and prepared them for the long march back to their clan territory. He marched at the head of one of the three columns, the standard post-war formation that all of Kain’s generals assembled their respective clans. Raziel’s forces had suffered minor losses as was the case in many of his battles, Melchiah’s on the other hand had been dealt a much more severe fate. As was the story, in the ranks of Kain’s army he always coupled his lesser generals with a stronger one. This new battle plan came to surface in direct response to the ever-growing nuisance that the humans were now posing.
Kain sat upon his throne contemplating what was to be done next. The room was dimly lit casting dark shadows throughout its interior. The focus of Nosgoth’s being; The Pillars stood ominously in the center circle of the throne room rising high above the ceiling into the clouded gray sky. Kain often caught himself staring in anger at their constant reminder as to what they stood for.

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