Are We There Yet?

Too much space in the world was being devoted to war memorials, remembrance gardens, graveyards, testaments, holy lands and mourning walls.

Pyres were an issue too. Religious freedom had turned into a volatile right. The United States government banned all pyres along all it’s coasts. Other countries followed and rebellions quickly formed.

The rebels’ arguments were sound; why was cremation and scattering acceptable but not open air burning? Governments responded by withholding ashes. Now everyone was affected.

The Scattering Riots didn’t go unnoticed. The small Chilean town of Mejillones came up with a lucrative plan. They opened up the Atacama desert as a vast Pyre resort.

They were the only port city close to Easter Island too. They renamed it Memorial Island and built a lush Scattering park. It became the West’s new hajj. Millions now visit and scatter their deceased.

The holiday, Days of the Dead, is a historical Mexican celebration now held during all of November.

Bring your loved ones and rest.

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