Ambiguity (Superhero Black Hole, part 85)

The albino man’s extraordinarily pale green eyes didn’t exactly exude horrible malevolence…but neither did they exude anything you could consider calling trust.
But, after a few moments of consideration, me and Zoe decided we had no other choice but to see what the albino man was gonna do. After all, we couldn’t just jump around in time to escape him, because it looked like he had the capability to follow us where/whenever we went.
So, we each grabbed hold of one of his outstretched hands…

  • *

…and the next second, we were back in our seats at the cafe’ across the street from our building in New York. Only now, the albino man was in an extra seat at the table – a seat that wasn’t there earlier, so he must have put it there before he came for us – still holding our hands.

“We must go.” He let go of our hands, and stood up to leave.

“Go?,” I said.

“Inside your building. We need to hide until your counterparts depart.”

“You realise you just rhymed, right?,” Zoe remarked.

“Quiet. We must go, now.”

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