Moose Jaw (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 87)

We could only nod. I wasn’t sure if the albino had seen us or not, but he began talking anyway regardless.

“In approximately one and one half millennia, the groundwork for a new and novel power source will be devised,” he began. “In efforts to turn theory into reality, a prototype reactor will summarily be constructed in the vicinity of what is now the city known as Moose Jaw, Canada. No one is sure exactly what went wrong or how, as the reactor was almost completely destroyed in an accident. It is this accident that created the ability for individuals to travel through time.”

“But how is that possible?” I blurted. “I mean, I wasn’t born fifteen hundred years from now! Zoe neither!”

“The effect spread through time following an inverse-cube law,” the albino explained. His voice grew harsher. “There are a lot more time travelers from the future than there are from the past…and a lot of them are in positions of great power.”

“And that somehow brings us to Latrodecta,” I surmised.

“Indeed,” he confirmed.

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