Why I Obsessed Over That TV Show (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 88)

“Well, spit it out already!” Zoe bristled.

“All in due time,” the albino countered. “The manifestation of time travel abilities has been shown to relate to the mental status of the afflicted. For most, it begins with a ritual timekeeping of a random periodic event.”

“Like when the same episode of a TV show comes on?” I interjected.

“Potentially,” the albino replied. “However, the powers of most persons who are mentally stable tend to manifest gradually and are not very pronounced, comparatively speaking. Those with sociopathic tendencies, however…”

“Like Latrodecta,” I put in.

My outburst didn’t faze him. “Such individuals are subject to uncontrollably intense abilities. The imbalance in their mind lends them the ability to perform great feats of time travel, including travel into the future, which is next to impossible for those of a normal mental state. Thankfully, such persons who became able to perform time-travel are few and far between through time. Most were dealt with, but some exceptions exist.”

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