An Unconventional Day

Now there are many aspects of many holidays that I love the hell out of, most of it involving food and free stuff. But I feel there needs to be one week of every year when we celebrate who everybody we don’t know thinks we are.

Stereotype Day! When we perpetuate stereotypes people have about us! Black people should proceed to mug everyone they see. Asian people should get on the internet and memorise smart things to say, while blondes should hit themselves on the head so all the smart things fall out of their brains. As a nerd, I will need to buy the thickest rimmed glasses in the world and pull my trousers up to my chin.

For those of you who think that I’m being racist, sexist, hairist (its a thing), antisemmetic and every other colour of discrimation there is, know that I’m being sarcastic, and don’t mean a word of it. This is a disclaimer, I am only making a joke. I mocked myself in this story as a show of good faith. Please don’t take it seriously.

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