The Sock Gremlin

There comes a time in each of our lives when we learn one of those inevitable truths. The tooth fairy is a lie. It is one of those myths we learn as a child, only to be shattered as we grow up.

But in every myth, there is a grain of truth. A grain that was found by the British, by Prince George of Wales. His manservant’s servant, Baldrick, had a cunning plan. He devised a trap with which to catch the thief who was stealing the Prince’s socks, which kept vanishing from the drawers of the noble bedroom.

While there is no official account of what ocurred in that bedroom on teh night of October 24th, 1810, but a trail of whispers in back alleys and pub corners crept from the Prince’s palace. Suffice it to say the truth was a bit… disappointing, and so it was transformed.

Who would have thought that the tale of the Tooth Fairy emerged, like the Phoenix, from the long forgotten ashes of that truest of tales. The tale of the beast that still plagues our bedrooms. The tale of the Sock Gremlin.

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