Establishment of Pain

Pain turns people into animals.
Some would argue. They would say that fear is the culprit. But fear is merely a reaction to some form of pain.
Pain reduces people into a thoughtless, instinctive existence. There is only one goal: to either kill the pain or escape it. All else shrinks in importance.
A pain that can be killed takes the form of some tormentor, separate from the individual, promoting rage.
A pain the cannot be killed is a part of the victim, and promotes terror.
These two distinctions often coincide, making it impossible to ascertain the source of the pain.
The victim who visualizes their pain promotes in themselves rage instead of terror, an increase of power.
The cunning tormentor can turn a victim’s rage into terror, a form of control.
Pain is a two edged sword, turning both givers and takers into animals.

I am a victim.
I have no control.
I cannot escape.
I am afraid.
I am in pain.

I am an animal.

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