Lost Sock Memoirs

I can remember way back when, as a child I had the privelaged distinction of rocking the mismatched tube sock combo! Unfortunately for me no one in my days at school felt the same type of childlike innocence as I did so naturally I was picked on. Now you have to understand, I grew up in a house of four kids. Three of which are boys so we had our fun whichever way we could. The 1st sockball fight my brothers and I put together was a no holds barred battle royale that “featured” two rolled socks carefully stuffed into one larger tube sock( which is where my mismatched pairs were born) so it would stretch out the tube sock forming a whip-like weopon. This WMD would be the leading cause of black eyes and bloody noses throughout our adolescence and would ruin many a sock. Well, like all good moms ours became hip to our little gladiator-like events and refused to buy us new socks until we stopped our battles. We did’nt and that led to our mismatched days in school. Thanks mom!

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