He Is My Son

He gives me strength. He gives me purpose. He brings me joy. He’s the reason I wake up in the morning and why I get the little rest I need to do it all again. He is my son.
I will protect him from the evil in this world. I will stand in in the way of all that is not good in this world and laugh in the face of danger as it tries to seduce and entrap him. I am his shield. I am his guide in his journey through life.
And though I can’t make the choices for him, I will set him on the path that will keep him safe. He is my son. Maybe oneday he will be able to carry the mantle I have taken up. Like my father and his father did.
And like all of the other dads out there who hold their kids high and do what needs to be done to protect and love their kids. I’m proud to say…He Is My Son.

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