Thump Thump.

The floor began to shake as he skyrocketed the volume. The vibration stimulated his brain, touching every emotion inside of him.
The neighbors will kill him later for this, but that was the last thought on his mind.
His heartbeat compromised to the beat. His pulse fluctuated with adrenaline. Each blood cell was identifiable to him.
He could almost count them to the exact number.
The wood floor was an ice cube. It was the middle of winter, and he lay on his floor with only boxer shorts and socks. He was on his back, arms at his side, hands towards the sky.
The hair on his arms began to rise, goosebumps.

He couldn’t tell if the movement he was feeling was chills running over him or an earthquake of notes blaring from the stereo. Each lyric was harmony, and each harmony was paradise.

He heard the door shut outside. His parents were home.
He quickly shut off his stereo and slipped on a shirt.
His door opened, “Hey honey, we’re back. What are you doing?”
He put a pencil in his hand, “Oh nothing, just homework.”

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