Dylan waited, beating any monster that entered his base to death. Finally, it was morning.
Dylan climbed out and witnessed the natural beauty. The blue sky…bright sun…burning monsters…it was beautiful.
Dylan was aware now of being hungry. He looked for some form of sustenance. Finally, he saw a pig. Dylan ran over. Yeah! I’m having bacon tonight! He punched the pig, and the pig ran away…and fell in a pit. What?! Why did that pig do that?! Idiot! He walked away. Your meat is tainted with the stupid! He noticed a cow in the corner of his eye. He ran over, accidentally scaring the cow into the pit. Oh come on! Why do you keep doing that?! I christen this pit the Pit of-Hey, look, is that iron? Indeed it was. I’m gonna need to figure out a way to get down into that pit if it’s the last thing I do. I need a hazmat suit to protect against the stupid, or something to kill the stupid animals from a distance. But what if the stupid outlives the host? He walked away, making plans and looking for food.

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