Dear Multiple Personality...

Hallo head. It’s
Been awhile since
Logic gave us
Right to smile.

And in the dark
Of all our pasts
We’ve always lived
Here – like outcasts.

Like this, I think
With hopeful pain, and
Sweet affection
For the rain.

A heart that changes
Like the sun.
All made of thread, and
Come undone.

Beneath this skin
We’re scarred within
Locked up in ‘us’
And all life’s sin.

So then, head. I
Thought I’d say
It’s time we chased
The hurt away.

A step forward. It’s
Just such a shame
I’ll soon be saying
‘We’ again.

When I forget
I felt like this.
So strong, just one
This perfect bliss.

And I’ll fall back to
Old routines, and
Darker thoughts
On movie screens.

But for now, head,
Seems to be
That I am finally
Just me.

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