Aloe Vera Amputee

I’d left them outside too long. I didn’t know there would be a frost last night.

I’ll never forgive myself. I cringed as I gazed sorrowfully at the Aloe Vera & it’s small baby. Most extremities had succumbed to frost bite, due to my negligence. The big one may pull through & survive – I’d have to amputate most of the limbs.

I set the potted Aloe upon the table. Ready to operate.

With large metal scissors, I cut off the discolored or mushy appendages. The juicy pulp oozed down what was left of the limbs.

When I was done, the Aloe left with stumps of varying lengths, I dumped the severed flesh.

Aloe’s wounded stumps were bleeding, the slimy juice dripping onto the newspaper-covered table.

I squeezed the openings closed, pus oozing over my fingers, hoping the bleeding would stop & the ends would heal shut.

It was in pain because of my negligence & butchery. Did it mourn the loss of its baby?

“I’m sorry Aloe,” I whispered, stroking it’s leathery arms.

But there could be no forgiveness for my crimes.

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